Global Virtual Link allows for a secure flow of information between locations utilizing a private path across our network. This configuration melds the flexibility and scalability of Layer 3 technology with the dedicated traffic paths and management capabilities of Layer 2 so you get the best of both layers. By leveraging our Tier-1 IP network’s PoPs you will be seamlessly connected around the clock.
Leverage the scope and reliability of the CoreTel Networks Tier-1 IP Network when making Ethernet connections between the Asia with Virtual Link. Global Virtual Link is a Layer 2 Virtual Private Network solution that enables a seamless connection between two locations offering a secure and flexible alternative to costly private lines. As a virtual point-to-point connection operating over our Global IP Network, Global Virtual Link efficiently delivers your content, data, or video to locations in the US and abroad. Global Virtual Link offers usage-based billing and flexible bandwidth options ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.
Why Choose Global Virtual Link
Global Connections on one of the World’s Largest Networks
Seamlessly scalable to meet your needs, Global Virtual Link is available between PoP locations on the Global IP Network. Hong Kong Singapore Taiwan Philippines
Global Virtual Link

Global Virtual Link is volume tiered, based on commitment and allows for bursting, so you only pay for the traffic you need. It uses pseudo-wire Ethernet emulation technology, which runs across our backbone, delivering substantial cost savings over traditional private line networks. Additionally Ethernet is a well understood protocol, so there’s no training investment involved.
We’ll provide you with a low latency solution and a flexible upgrade path for your existing network at speeds up to 10Gbps. An upgrade in bandwidth is just a call away and can be added within days, not weeks or months, as with traditional WAN technology.
Global Virtual Link makes it easy to integrate WAN reach into an existing LAN without any of the overhead normally associated with adding WAN capabilities. Multiple traffic types such as voice, video, and data can all run on the same link, so there’s no need for separate networks. Global Virtual Link is also protocol neutral, so you can run the Layer 2 or 3 protocol of your choice across your WAN.
Flexible and Scalable

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