IP Transit is a service provides high-speed, highly resilient broadband full BGP Internet table for ISPs, ASPs, CPs, telecoms and data center operators and corporates. Lumen (CenturyLink) partnership helps us to achieve ultimate connectivity both directly via peering partners, establishing sessions that bypass other autonomous systems.
Our facilities are located in all major destinations in Asia Pacific, ISPs and corporate networks. We operate ultra-fast transatlantic fibre channels connecting our clients to all major internet exchanges and global financial centres.
For the users:
For network operators:
Internet routes in full BGP with high speed and high resistance bandwidth for Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications Operators and Data Centers, Applied Service Provider (ASP), and other companies.
The partnership with CenturyLink helps us achieve maximum connectivity through both High Speed ​​IP Services (HSIP) and directly through partners, establishing sessions that bypass other autonomous systems.
Extensive direct interconnections and well-established bilateral connections with numerous suppliers around the world allow for load balancing, route optimization and excellent global and regional coverage.
IP Transit is available in various types of ports: 100Mbps/1Gbps/10Gbps/100Gbps
Low latency. Greater reliability. Best performance.
Lower costs.
Greater reliability.
Greater prediction of routing.
Better performance for users.
There are no third parties involved.
IP Transit

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