SD-WAN is a modern solution that combines several technologies to create resilent private networks, being able dynamically share network bandwidth across various interconnection locations. With enhanced central policy management and security control, zero-touch provisioning, integrated traffic analysis and on-demand circuit provisioning.
Benefits of using CORETEL’s SD-WAN Enabling services
CORETEL’s SD-WAN Enabling service
– Increase business productivity; – Improve end-user satisfaction and network performance; – Optimize cloud connectivity and operating costs; – Level up business agility and responsiveness; – Better security and reduce threats; – Improved bandwidth consumption of applications; – Complimentary DMMS Tier-1 service (DDoS Mitigation) assures service availability and business continuity.
SD-WAN Enabler refers to the infrastructure that serve as the backbone and POPs (point-of-presence) for all SD-WAN computing products and services. This is a broad term, incorporating technology vendors and solutions. An SD-WAN Enabler allows an organization to build, deploy, integrate and deliver SD-WAN services/solutions to their customers. What’s more, if you are already in the know and your company provides or receive SD-WAN services, then CORETEL can support your requirements, not just for the equipment, but for colocation and connectivity to scale up your solution and improve latency and performance. So, if you are striving to maintain the lowest possible latency of your SD-WAN service, then CORETEL Networks core backbone is the ideal infrastructure to deploy it safely and globally. CORETEL’s SD-WAN Enabling service dedicates the advantages of our global coverage and network backbone to provide our partners with not only a tailored network that is ultra fast and highly secure one but also with all infrastructure requirements such as dedicated servers, switches, routers or just a simple colo space and power for your equipment in carrier neutral facilities around the globe allowing to customize your SD-WAN solution the way you like. Moreover, any equipment installations will be handled by our professional technical team. SD-WAN Enabling services by CORETEL Networks, offers you the ability to scale up globally in a matter of hours. Also, you can customize the devices/equipment that work for your business. For instance, if you already have your own SD-WAN solution in one data centre and would like to scale it to other markets, it could be done instantaneously as you completed your new POP.
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