CoreTel provides network coverage across countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, The Philippines, China and United States of America. Our partner coverage includes Isle of Man, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau, and the United Kingdom.

We have built our network infrastructure and operations to benefit our e-business and online gaming industry clients most. These network resources are located in regions and countries where clients are based in and operate from as well as key markets they are currently growing in.


We have carefully selected the partners used within our network and system infrastructure to ensure we maximise performance and deliver the best we can to our customers. Our network partners specialize in a wide range of disciplines and allow us to deliver an all-rounded service globally. 


Our solution partners enable us to provide top-of-line products and value-added services that can and will help e-business and online gaming companies enjoy a reliable, top-grade service. We have strong partnerships with various service providers that complement our CoreTel network infrastructure.

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