Fresh Voice is a video and web conference solutions developed in-house by ANET (Advanced Network Systems Co.), a leading company in Japan. You can work from anywhere in the world and remain connected to your colleagues. Besides providing video/audio services, users can use Fresh Voice to share desktops, web browser views and documents with participants in real-time. Fresh Voice requires installing the client software and setting up a web-cam on your computer.


  • Superior sound quality by adopting iSAC audio codec which allows better compression ratio
  • Fresh Voice video control technology is able to deliver full HD video quality, adopting International Standard of H.264/Scalable Video Coding (SVC)
  • Competitive price  to deploy HD conference service without the high cost associated with hardware multipoint control unit
  • Powerful Content Management System that allows video creation, editing, delivery and sharing for an enhanced multimedia experience during any conference session
  • Easy 3-click operation to launch a conference session.

arrow For e-business and gaming clients:
Through video conferencing, customers can enjoy a rich, immersive online environment for without incurring additional costs for special infrastructure set-up. Such value added services can also benefit operations teams by providing more collaborative tools without the need to travel and can contribute towards increased productivity across geographies within the company.

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