CDNs serve as rapid and cost-effective vehicles to deliver a variety of content to end-points and combining web acceleration technologies and security solutions. CoreTel helps our clients and content owners by optimising the process through our relationship and expertise with major CDN providers, providing ancillary services such as anti-DDoS, web acceleration and firewall services. We work with our clients to help present your content while reducing delivery costs and more efficient sharing across different formats as well as across international markets.


Cyber-attacks are becoming more common and complex and this includes DDoS attacks. The impact of a DDoS attack can be catastrophic and widespread. CoreTel is aware of the need to offer comprehensive solutions to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks. 

Each attack is unique and we have DDOS mitigation arrangements in place with partnerships from trusted and established DDOS market players. Depending on your requirements, we can ensure the most appropriate DDOS system for your business.


  • Choice of market leaders with system and processes complementing and strengthening  network protection against attacks
  • Purpose-built 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) that is built based on a modern framework that integrates best-of-breed security technologies and ITIL v3
  • Purpose-built Scrubbing Centres located in close proximity to our customers and for optimal network diversity
  • Multi-gigabit network capacities with extensive peering for routing optimisation, availability and redundancy

arrow For e-business and gaming clients:
DDoS attacks can have a negative impact on your business. We understand that the nature of e-business and gaming industry opens clients towards a higher risk and frequency of DDoS attacks. At CoreTel, we have proprietary products that have been built to monitor, detect and mitigate such attacks on the network.


To help our clients optimise and accelerate their content, CoreTel Networks adopts a Multi-CDN approach for global content delivery. We partner with several top CDN providers to enable the best possible end-user experience and service.

CoreTel provides the appropriate tools to achieve the performance you need with the flexibility to manage your site. We are able to achieve 100% availability through active-active or active-standby global load balancing across multiple CDNs.


  • Accelerate application response time
  • Accelerate application performance and improve end-user experience
  • Deliver consistent worldwide application performance
  • Optimizations are distributed globally and located closer to users and data centres around the world


CoreTel’s top priority is to maintain site performance and availability when facing threats.  We provide always-on and highly scalable protection against web application attacks including SQL injections, cross-site scripting and remote file inclusion alongside a focus of keeping application performance high. 


  • Protects website and web applications from DDoS attacks
  • Maintain website availability and performance during DDoS attacks through CoreTel’s extensive infrastructure
  • Lower the risk of data breach with a highly flexible and high-performance web application firewall
  • Protect the application with a cloud-based web security infrastructure and support

arrow For e-business and gaming clients:
We work with multiple CDN service providers to complement your business while providing direct support across the same region and across time zones. This results in quicker support to clients as we help manage any time differences between CDN providers in the US and the clients in Asia.

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