Wish to reach out to businesses from an entirely different region without compromising your latency and bandwidth? Worry whether country-crossing connectivity will be time-sensitive enough for your real-time business applications?
CoreTel Networks brings you peace of mind with our Remote DIA service.
Remote DIA (or Remote Direct Internet Access) is essentially a Direct Internet Access service within remote sites, which enables the sites to transfer certain Internet-bound traffic or public cloud traffic directly out of the local Internet transport, instead of tunnelling it back to a central site or data centre.
Traditionally, traffic must traverse the entire network to reach the data centre to gain Internet access, this leads to higher application latency and excessive WAN bandwidth usage. Remote DIA solution will save WAN bandwidth and reduce latency – meaning better content/app delivery and optimal user experience.
Remote DIA is the answer to your need to keep things simple, fast, and easy. Our on-demand Remote DIA solution can be set up on the fly, ensuring short time-to-market and speedy deployment. Moreover, one of the biggest perks of the service is Remote DIA is entirely hassle-free. No more headaches over complex setup or specific prerequisites – we will take care of everything!
Direct Internet Access is also the more cost-effective connectivity option compared with IP Transit service so our Remote DIA is the ideal choice for dependable global reach with minimal financial efforts.
Accelerate your business reach with the stress-free, bandwidth-saving, and best possible latency connectivity at the best value price with CoreTel Networks Remote DIA service.
Remote DIA

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